About PVV

Dr. Mary Schwacha

Originally from Western Michigan, Mary received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in 1984 and then attended Michigan State University from which she received her DVM in 1989.

Her first veterinary position was in an emergency practice in Flint, Michigan, which in retrospect, she refers to as baptism by fire. In the past 20 years she still doesn’t feel she’s come close to the huge variety of disasters that were dealt with there.

In 1990 Mary’s husband, Tony, was accepted to Harvard for graduate school, and so off they went to Boston. Mary worked in another emergency clinic for a year, after which she found a regular associate position in Melrose, Massachusetts. She remained at Melrose for 4 years until, unfortunately, following an ownership change at the clinic; she found another wonderful practice in Somerville, Massachusetts. Mary remained at the Somerville practice for the next 9 years while Tony completed a post-doc at MIT.

In 2003 Mary and her family moved to the Wexford area when Tony was offered a teaching position with the University of Pittsburgh. At that time Mary was looking for a job that let her be home with the kids most of the time. Once again Mary found herself at an emergency clinic that fit the bill. Tired of the overnights and following a ‘biggish’ surgery on her shoulder that laid her up for a few months, she was left with nothing to do but stare at the ceiling and think of plans to get into trouble.

Bingo! Pine Village Veterinarian is born!

Mary and her husband Tony have two children, 2 cats, and a bunch of weird looking fish.